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  • Photo Credit: Mor Shamay

  • Photo Credit: Sally Vaughn

Kerry Vaughn Miller is a filmmakeractor, and photographer, born and raised in Palo Alto, California. She combines a background in consulting (Deloitte) and digital product management (American Express, Showtime Networks) with a deep skill set in media production. Kerry graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in Human Behavioral Biology and now works in Los Angeles and New York City. She shares a birthday and a penchant for off kilter magical realism with Tim Burton.


Producing "THE PILOT," a narrative feature film based on the true story of Gene Roddenberry’s struggle to save his floundering TV career with an ambitious sci-fi series ("Star Trek"), while also juggling rocky relationships with his current wife, his future wife, his mistress, and his new boss, Lucille Ball.

Producing "UNDER THE LANTERN LIT SKY," a narrative feature film exploring the new marriage of a young couple in 1927 Mississippi, who are coming to terms with their sexuality in different ways. Inspired by the acclaimed stage play " A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams.


Directed and produced "UNEXPECTED COMPANY," a dark comedy based on the award winning play by Wendy Mae SheltonA handsome doctor's unexpected visit exposes the dark secret two reclusive sisters are desperately trying to hide. This delicious fractured fairytale packs a real bite. With Maggie Belle Caplis, Jamie Neumann, Jeremy Folmer, Peter Jensen, and Carolyn Seiff.

Directed and produced "SUPERHERO," a short film about one man's comedic crusade to change the world, one smile at a time. With cinematography and visual effects by Wayland Bell. Production design by Hannah Stoddard.

Produced and edited "ZOMBIE TEETH NIGHTMARE," a short film commissioned by Invisalign to promote their new VIVERA retainers. Story features a happy-go-lucky dentist who comes face to face with his worst nightmare — all his patients turn into zombies...with horribly crooked teeth!

Edited "ELECTRIC HEART," the first ever silent narrative feature film to be accompanied by an Electronic Dance Music mix. This groundbreaking film follows wheelchair-bound Bryan as he road trips from Portland to Las Vegas, in pursuit of love and adventure. Produced by Scott Little and directed by Ben Mattingly.

Produced and edited "MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS," an award winning short film directed by Will Henry. A young boy and girl join forces when they are stranded at school for the day. Starring Joseph Ricci Jr., Destiny Cruz, and Leslie Henstock.

Produced "THE SIRENS," short film shot on 35mm and directed by Mor Shamay. When a couple in a cold and passionless marriage seeks respite through a weekend at the beach, desires blossom, and the worlds of fantasy and reality merge. Featuring Jean-François Poirier, Suzanne Jaehne, and Maya Shoef.

Directed and produced "JE T'AIME, JEAN," a comedic short film starring Joshua David Bishop and Morgan Weed. An eccentric young man wakes up one morning and thinks he's French. In this whimsical fantasy world, he desperately searches for a long lost love, and meets many colorful characters along the way.

Directed "BEIRUT," by Alan Bowne, at the Under St. Marks theater in New York City's East Village. This gritty, lyrical, searing one act play chronicles a fateful night in the lives of two apocalyptic plague survivors, Torch and Blue. Starring Lynn Sher, Esteban Benito, and Ian Campbell Dunn.

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